132 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Mom When…

  1. Annastacia C. Smith

    You know you’re a Mom when the most common advice you dole out is “put a little breastmilk on it!”

  2. Diana Gervits Gottlieb

    you know you’re a mom when what’s in your diaper bag is more important than what’s in your makeup bag

  3. meghan

    you know you’re a mom when you have cleaned urine, puke and poo off the
    floor in a span of 5 minutes and are not completely grossed out

  4. Jutta Pearce

    ….when you’re trying to enter a contest and someone hollers from the bathroom, “Can you wipe me?”

  5. Cat Carter

    …as long as a sniff test proves that the spot on your shirt isn’t poop you’re good to head out the door.

  6. Bertha Lukov

    You know you’re a mom when…you have an alarm on your phone reminding you to leave work to pickup the kids.

  7. Allison Green

    You know you’re a mom when….you are alone in the house or car and you swear you can hear your kids shouting mom every few minutes!

  8. Meghan Firlotte

    You know your a mom when you can’t even shower alone anymore .. Privacy is a concept moms don’t get after kids 😀

  9. switchie

    … when you have had the trifecta of body fluids on you at any given time or all at once.” Being a Mom is for the squeamish 😉

  10. Jenny S

    You know you’re a Mom when all the sudden you do all the icky things you saw other Mothers do but said you’d never do with your own kids.
    Example: Sniffing at a butt to determine if it’s your baby with the poop… 🙂


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