69 thoughts on “Funny Photos Prove Kids Can Fall Asleep Anywhere

  1. Renee Redmond

    On her blanket in the middle of all her toys. I also love when she sleeps on her belly witg her booty stuck up in the air!

  2. Joy Person

    Right on top of her plate of food during dinner. One moment she was looking sleepy as she ate and the next “PloP’ right on to her plate of spaghetti 😀

  3. RebeccaJosh Hickman

    fell asleep in the middle of chewing her food. She tried so hard to keep herself awake by eating more, but her head started to bob up and down and her eyes couldn’t stay open. The next moment she was out with food still in her mouth.

  4. Leann L

    My son has fallen asleep in his stuffed animal pile as well as falling sound asleep in the shopping cart with his head on the front bar.

  5. Rochel S

    My daughter fell asleep standing up in her crib because she refused to lay down and wanted to come out! My son has fallen asleep in the shopping cart while we were shopping.

  6. Carolyn Leanne Béchard

    Oh man… there are TOO many! Usually they are just variations of sleeping positions (under his mattress, on his bookshelf, half on the bed and half off…)

  7. shsc82

    In his closet, that had me in a panic as I checked in on him and didn’t see him! (littlesillysally at gmail.com)

  8. Susan Brat

    My daughter would regularly fall asleep balancing on a ball. Only her feet and head would be touching to floor. I wish I would have taken a picture back then as it was a daily occurence.

  9. Natalie S

    My little one once got on top of the train table in the playroom and fell asleep there 🙂 nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  10. ioana c.

    my daughter only sleeps at home or in the carseat!! she does take over the whole bed and we got a king size because of her , still she uses more that my husband and me together

  11. SnowflakeDayAudra

    My daughter fell asleep in the living room floor once with her head in her pink Easter sand bucket. 🙂 -Audra O’Hara Snowflake Day Play at gmail dot com

  12. patriciacrowley

    My nephew fell asleep with his blocks on the floor….so funny….but it couldn’t be comfortable!

    tcrowley122 at hotmail dot com

  13. Maria A. Malaveci

    I am really trying to think about this and they have not really
    fallen asleep anywhere crazy. Just their car seats…lol


  14. jessica rose

    My daughter hid from me once in her closet when she was 3 and fell asleep. I looked everywhere for her and eventually ended up calling 911 because I couldn’t find her. She appeared from her room, sleepy eyed and messy headed asking why I was yelling so loud for her, lol. I was in tears and still on the phone with the operator. I thought she had went outside while I was in the laundry room and I didnt hear her.


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