338 thoughts on “Crazy Cute Antique Photos of Kids & Their Loveys

  1. Casey H

    The earliest I remember is my toy doll named Leonetta- I took her everywhere. And I also have a baby blanket, which I still own and use to this day:)

  2. khmorgan_00

    An old teddy bear that used to be my mom’s. I remember getting an old tie from my Dad and practicing tying it on the bear πŸ™‚ Not sure why I thought it was important to know how to tie a tie though-lol!

  3. Veronica Bohan

    My favorite lovey was a horse from the drugstore named Silky. I still have him, but I used to drag him absolutely everywhere with me. His fur is so matted, but I never stopped loving him.

  4. Dawn Morgan

    Mt favourite lovey was a special blanket. I took it everywhere and couldn’t sleep without it
    Shared on fb, and pinned on Pinterest πŸ™‚

  5. Casey Mclendon

    I had a baby blanket that I was glued to till I was 7 yrs old. That was my favorite. And then my favorite doll/ stuffed animal was probably my pink Care Bear.

  6. MyChau Brikshavana

    I had a little orange stuffed bunny. My daughter’s lovey is also a bunny that a friend gave her! Continuing the family tradition πŸ™‚

    I would love the owl for the baby on the way!!!

  7. Kristen Alvarado

    I had a Puff a lump yellow silky rabbit from Fisher Price. I still have it to this day (I’m 31 lol) It’s stored away and I’m afraid to touch it from fear of it falling apart. It was well loved!

  8. Erika Ruta

    I had a white fluffy teddy bear that I slept with for longer then I care to admit! He was technically a christmas bear with a red plaid bow tie and I called him Mr. Bear. How original of me πŸ™‚ Now I have a collection of stuffed owls for my daughter. This would be a great addition!

  9. Anne Nowicki

    A stuffed bear I dubbed “Nutty.” He is currently waiting in the nursery to meet my first child, due the end of October!

  10. Elizabeth K

    I had a Mr. Bear when I was little and my daughter loves him now! He is now called “Jacket” though. πŸ™‚

  11. Melanie F

    Oh my heavens… we would LOVE to be able to have the A-dorable sunshine owl waiting for our little luv bug on the way! SERIOUSLY… owls are the theme of her nursery!) When I was little.. my fav plushy was surely a little puppy dog that said “rub, rub, rub my tummy when you hugged it… lol…. a little weird, but oh boy I loved Sam the dog! Thanks for the super sweet chance!!

  12. Franny Dee

    I had a soft plush bear named Polly. I carried her everywhere until I was about 4.5 years old…when my brother came along.

  13. Stephanie Wheatley

    My favorite lovey as a child was a grey bear that was made out of jersey material, like sweatpants, and I had two of them and absolutely loved them both!

  14. Kayla King

    My favorite lovey as a child was a stuffed Glomer from the show Punky Brewster. I also had a large baby blanket my mom made that I slept with until I was a teenager. I still have them both.

  15. Bethany Bennett

    My favorite lovey was a gray teddy bear my great grandmother made me…still have it and my son plays with it now.

  16. Joanne Southall

    My favourite lovely was a rag doll dog called patch. I loved him and took him everywhere with me. I was gutted when his ear full off and instead of fixing him my mum just binned him πŸ™

    I’ve liked cloudb on Facebook x

  17. Carla Antonieta

    I was all about my Care Bear. His name was Rainbow and I took him everywhere. He was supposed to be pink, but after so many years of adventures together, it was very hard to say what his original color was!! πŸ™‚

  18. Amber Fernandez

    My favorite lovey was a Popples and a blanket my grandma made me. I never slept without them. They are still to this day wrapped up together in a air tight bag!

  19. Kelly Blatt

    My favorite lovey was a sheep stuffed animal. I have given the Cloud B sleep sheep to several friends and family members as a shower gift, but I picked the Cloud B Night Owl for my son. This would go great with it.

  20. purplepassion126

    My favorite lovey was Silky–she was my pink bunny blanket with a silk like material around her edges–don’t tell, but she was actually the replacement to the blue one that I lost by accidentally leaving him at the grocery store

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