87 thoughts on “A Mom’s Guide to Surviving Sleep Deprivation

  1. amy tolley

    surviving sleep deprivation is best settled on relaxing and sometimes taking 10 for yourself and breathing and enjoy the little things in life try to not stress over everyday life issues

  2. Bianca Munoz

    I think that having a meal or food in general in the morning helps, and the one that helped me a lot, sleep when baby sleep! Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  3. Donna Clarissa Bass

    Sleep when baby sleeps is the best hint, also if you cant sleep, warm up some milk it really works!

  4. Sherrie McQueen Gilstrap

    My best solution for sleep deprivation is lots of coffee and energy drinks. A mother’s work is never done.

  5. Briana-Celeste

    Advice from a first time mother: if ever help is offered, accept it, and if it isn’t, do not be afraid to ask!!! Having help will make it easier for you to PLAN AHEAD: Hubby, mom, sis, or mother in law can prepare meals that can be frozen so that finding time to eat can be a cinch, even when you’re feeding your little one and running back and forth to get everything else done. As a mom who chose to breastfeed, I know the importance of getting the well-balanced nutrition required to keep you and your little one healthy–ESPECIALLY if you have chosen to breastfeed. Cleaning? Not so important right now. What I would do is clean one part of the house if I felt up to it (i.e. the bathroom, or the kitchen, etc.) OR do a couple loads of laundry. The following day, I would allow myself to just rest, take care of myself and little foot. (: Whenever possible, PLAN AHEAD. It also gets you more organized than you may be otherwise. Planning ahead will allow you to take care of YOU–and, therefore, allow you to be in the best shape to care for your little one.Even if you are able to sleep when your little one sleeps, making sure to eat will keep you feeling that much better. And just remember–you’re someone’s best mommy in the whole world. <3 — brianacelestesmith@gmail.com

  6. Cassie

    I don’t have any mom sleep deprivation tips since we’re still expecting our first, but I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s tips !

  7. Lori Killeen

    Don’t be afraid to ask or accept help! As a new mom, I know it can sometimes feel very overwhelming. Ask for help even if it is for an hour – you need a little time for yourself whether it is to rest, relax or just regroup.

  8. Cheryll Cosenza

    I found putting my little one in a carrier right against my heart comforted him. I would go around the house cleaning and whatever until he fell asleep…which was pretty quick since he was so comfy. As soon as he did, I would sit in our big, comfy armchair and rest my eyes and take a quick nap while he slept comfortably against me. I got the most sleep that way…with him strapped to my chest. It’s probably not ideal but I took what I could get, lol.

  9. Carol Roberts clark

    just get rest when you can my son was every 2 hours it was clock work so i started feeding him throughout the day hearty things like rice at an early age cause i caught myself just standing in front of the fridge not knowing how long i was there just staring in to the fridge and i said o lord and i called good old faithful grandmaw


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