125 thoughts on “5 Fun Games That Make Bedtime Better

  1. Kelsey vinson

    We all sit in my bed and read a story then they all go to the bed as fast and they can. Whatever order thy got into bed is the order I tuck them in. lol they love anything that’s a race.

  2. sherry blamer

    We brush our teeth. We cuddle and read a bedtime story, tuck them into their covers and off to sleep.

  3. Kathleen Gereg

    Sleep time always works better with a story, no matter how small ‘boo-boo’ is. Mom’s soft, calming voice is the magic! Signed up for newsletter: ccroadhts@aol.com, liked on FB: Kathleen Gereg https://www.facebook.com/groups/powersweepers/permalink/1409045362466895/, Follow on Pinterest: kgereg https://www.pinterest.com/cloudb/, Twitter: @kgereg, Tweet: https://twitter.com/kgereg/status/860460477771599875, Shared on Goggle+ Kathleen Gereg, Follow on Instagram-geregkathleen.

  4. Mary Wagenbach

    We first say prayers. Then read 2 stories. I spend a little time with each one rubbing their back/hair or else just laying beside them for a short time. Then I say goodnight and leave the room.

  5. Betty Chiaramonte

    We read books before bed and give countdowns of how many more minutes until bedtime so they don’t feel like anything abruptly changed. I also sit with my toddler for 10 minutes while he starts trying to fall asleep.

  6. Tiffany

    Routine is key. We do baths, get on pjs, read, brush teeth, turn on night lights and white noise, then go to bed

  7. Samantha wojtusiak

    Our bedtime is better when my kids get time with their daddy, who is in the military so we only see him a few hours a week. It’s also better because of their sleep sheeps, they have slept with them every night since they were born, I cannot wait to get baby #3 stuff from y’all as well ❤️

  8. Jennifer Sorenson

    They love my bedtime stories. There are 5 kids in our house so bedtime gets kind of wild but if it stays on track they go to bed great. This would help in our 5 family we hav 3 that still get up at night, this may help one of them, thanks for the chance!!

  9. Mary Wagenbach

    Why are my comments still awaiting moderation? I did all my entries on May 5th and 7th. Just curious.

  10. Kristina Payne

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  11. Jill Jackson

    I have a baby app on my television that plays lullabies and uses low light colors for a soothing effect and it works wonders

  12. olga p

    We read a bedtime story, sing a lullaby, lots of hugs and kisses and say goodnight to all the toys.


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