104 thoughts on “18 Weird Ways Your Body Changes After Giving Birth

  1. Bonnie

    My feet are bigger! Thank goodness I live in Florida where we can wear flip flops all the time and just about anywhere.

  2. Patricia

    The way my body recovered after giving birth was impressive, I hope this time around will do the same (doubt it).

  3. Tracy

    I noticed that some foods I ate before pregnancy and due in pregnancy didn’t sit right with me. I was craving chicken pot pie, so I made one to satisfy the craving. A year plus after baby I cant stand the sight of it on a commercial, the smell or the thought of it… make me want to gag. There are a few other quirky food things that have changed since being pregnant that have continued after baby.

    Thanks for the entry, my little one loves bunnies!

  4. Laura Fransen

    Night sweats are the worst after birth. And your body odor changes. There are scientific studies that show some of your babies cells stay in you body, so they are forever part of you. And your heart is forever changed by love

  5. Lisa Sims

    I do feel the random twitches…I thought I was losing my mind, but am so glad to know I’m not . It’s weird and wonderful how God designed our bodies to be. Woman can do so many amazing things that men can’t!

  6. Trina Chadwick

    After each of my 4 babies were born
    I had to buy new shoes
    I was a size6 before children
    Now size81/2

    And My taste buds changed

  7. Stephany Nakamura

    My face looks different… not just from age. And I have to go to the bathroom every time I start working out…even if I emptied my bladder right before! But I love my three kids. It was all worth it!

  8. Paty

    I am currently pregnant and i feel my skin changing the worse because its dry already and it just wants to stay that way

  9. Jen Lynn

    I started getting a weird rash after I had my son. My skin would just burn wherever the rash was. I still get it every now and then but not as bad as after he was born. It’s all worth it though. Those beautiful blue eyes are worth any and every thing.

  10. Jessica Parent

    My boobs definitely shrunk 🙁 (Which stinks since I was pretty small to start 5 kids ago ) and although incontinence struck throughout all pregnancies after the last 2 I noticed it didnt go “all the way away” after

  11. Cathy Burnett

    I had two c-section and I not only have a permanent scar but a permanent indentation that has never gone away no matter what I do. I realize that this is a permanent “birth mark” for me representative of my two children and I am proud of it.

  12. Michelle w

    My body changed stretch marks all over and now I have a flabby belly but it’s all beautiful to me and definitely worth it

  13. Lisa

    i grew really really thick course individual hairs. i mean really thick. They itched like crazy. Also my breasts still have the urge to nurse. I feel the tug whenever i hold my now 1 yr old son. He stopped nursing at 4months.

  14. Samantha Guenther

    My body looks different each time in shape and this makes me smile because each difference is the visual of this beautiful baby my body nurtured and delivered.

  15. Aura

    Both my mother and sister’s eyes turned from
    Brown to green when they were pregnant. When I was pregnant I had restless leg syndrome- so painful

  16. Rochel S

    Too many to list! Definitely had the night sweats, my hair was/is different. The hardest one is that my hips are wider and there is no going back on that one! But at the end of the day its worth it right?!

  17. Eliana

    I gained weight i was still getting cravings it was weird i thought that once my baby was born my tummy will go away and not only did i get stretch marks but i have a small poutch.


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